Welcome to Connie Rosenberg & Associates Care Management, Inc

Connie Rosenberg & Associates Care Management (CRCM) is designed to help older and disabled adults and their families develop specific Plans of Care.  CRCM focuses on the client and family seeking to blend the loving care of the family network with available resources in the community.   Together we will consider the concerns of the family and the limitations of the older/disabled person in order to develop and implement practical solutions for problems of aging and daily living.  Connie Rosenberg  MPS, RN, CMC and Founder of Connie Rosenberg & Associates Care Management, Inc. (formerly known as Services and Resources for Seniors, Inc.) has provided private care management services throughout Northern New Jersey since 1987.  In 2014, she passed the reigns of leadership to Elyse Weber-Sacks, MSW, LSW, CMC and President, who will carry on the legacy she built as a pioneer in the field.  Together with their associates, they provide compassionate care to families and their loved ones.

CRCM is ready to:

  • Assess the needs of the older/disabled person and make recommendations for solutions to address the identified problems. Our Plans of Care are tailored to each person’s unique needs.

  • Arrange for and monitor home health care or companion services at home.

  • Provide assistance with placement in assisted living facilities or nursing homes.

  • Monitor the care of your family member at home, in a nursing home or an assisted living facility.

  • Provide on-going care management services which may include:
    • Visits as desired by the client or family.
    • Assist with monitoring medications and setting up pill boxes.
    • Coordinate medical appointments for optimal health outcomes.
    • Accompany to medical appointments so that medical information, such as diagnoses and treatment options, can be communicated back to the family.
    • Referral to elderlaw attorneys and other professionals.
    • Assist with hospital and nursing home discharge planning.
    • Provide crisis intervention when the person’s needs unexpectedly change and decisions need to be made quickly.
    • Provide care plans for guardianship proceedings and other legal matters.

Why Choose Connie Rosenberg & Associates Care Management?

  • We have a great team!  Our team of nurses and social workers brings a balanced perspective to the services we provide.  Our team is able to provide seamless care management services even when your care manager is not readily available due to vacations or conferences.
  • We are independently owned and operated.  We provide care management services exclusively.  You can feel confident that we are providing objective recommendations for a Plan of Care with your interests solely in mind.
  • We have “Virtual Medical Files”.  Your important information is available to our team whenever it is needed.  In our secure files we keep track of medication changes, results of physician visits, and notes from our visits to your home, assisted living or nursing home.  This enables us to integrate the latest technology with the personal services of our professional care management team.


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