Empowering Healthcare Choices of Solo Seniors

Are You a “Solo Senior?”

What is a solo senior? A solo senior is simply someone who is aging on their own, without a support system in place. People are making different life choices than past generations as options are more numerous. There are those who choose not to get married, have children, or have a long-term relationship. There are those who are widowed or divorced. There are “only children” who have no siblings, nieces, or nephews. And there are those who are independent or private and do not wish to involve family members or friends in decisions about their health.

Solo seniors understand that there may come a time in their life when their health declines, a time when they need assistance in any number of matters: driving, paying bills, shopping, or taking care of personal/physical needs. An Aging Life® Care Manager (ALCM) is someone who can assist you in identifying needs, implementing services, and managing your care and well-being.

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Another important consideration for solo seniors is finding someone to function as their Health Care Power of Attorney (HCPOA). A HCPOA is someone who can carry out your personal health care decisions should you become incapacitated or unable to verbalize your wishes. A HCPOA is your voice when it comes to medical decisions.  Many people choose to name a child or spouse as their HCPOA, but if you do not have such a person, an Aging Life Care Manager can act in this role. An ALCM is an impartial (although caring!) licensed professional whose job is to be your medical/health advocate at a time when you are unable to make your desires known.

When is it time to start thinking about/discussing options for making a living will and/or designating a HCPOA? Now! Life can change on a dime, as we have unfortunately seen over the past few years and having a plan in place before an emergency arises not only provides peace of mind but ensures that unexpected health events can be managed according to your wishes. Being proactive about health care allows you to remain in charge of your life.

You don’t have to do it alone

The multi-disciplinary approach of an Aging Life Care Professional can assist.

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