As the founder of CRCM, Connie Rosenberg was a trailblazer in the field of geriatric care management.

Her vision for helping people living with challenges proved highly effective. She soon discovered that the services she offered addressed a critical need and were in high demand.

Our Story

1987: CRCM is born

Connie started CRCM more than 30 years ago at a time when few were focused on the unique needs of elders and those living with disabilities. She went on to become a notable leader in the field. Connie was elected to the Board of Directors of the Aging Life Care Association® (ALCA) in 1991 and 2011 and served as its President in 2001. In 2003, she received the Adele Elkind Award, which honors distinguished service in the Aging Life Care™ field.

2014: The future takes shape

In 2014, Connie turned to one of her dedicated care managers,
Elyse Weber-Sacks, to head the company and continue CRCM’s legacy. Since then, Elyse has continued to keep CRCM at the forefront of the industry—recruiting and mentoring professionals who share common values and who will help see CRCM’s mission into the future. Elyse has followed in Connie’s footsteps by assuming leadership roles in distinguished professional associations.

2016 – 2018: A leader in the field

Elyse joins the board of the NJ Chapter of ALCA and in 2018 becomes President and leads the effort to spread the word about the work of  Aging Life Care Managers® in the state. She was the recipient of the Outstanding Chapter award in 2016.

2020 & beyond: Elected to the National Board of Directors of the ALCA

Today, CRCM has assembled an amazing team of care managers from the nursing and social work fields. Our dedicated staff offer their expertise and dedication to our clients and their families—bringing Connie’s original mission to life today and into the future. Additionally, in 2020, Elyse was elected to the National Board of Directors of the Aging Life Care Association®. In this role, she will translate her passion for helping vulnerable adults into action—helping to shape the future of Aging Life Care™ Management.

CRCM Today

The combination of various talents brings a balanced perspective to the services we provide. And our team knows the local area and the professionals who serve the aging and disabled populations. Many of our team members have been with us for more than 10 years, bringing a wealth of expertise to our clients and their families as well as an intimate knowledge of local resources and support systems. As a company that is independently owned and operated, we pride ourselves on maintaining the highest ethical standards in the industry. We do not have any financial interest in any of the services we recommend. This lack of a conflict of interest means you can trust that our commitment and advice is based solely on what’s best for the clients we serve.

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