Will the Care Manager who comes to see my mother/father/loved one be vaccinated?

We are thrilled to announce that, as of February 2021, 100% of the staff at CRCM has been fully vaccinated and now in 2022 we have all also received at least one, if not two booster shots. We continue to follow CDC guidelines with wearing masks indoors, frequent hand-washing and social distancing.

CRCM is committed to assisting our clients to obtain the vaccine/boosters and we are working tirelessly on their behalf. For further information on the Covid-19 vaccine in NJ please go to www.covid19.nj.gov or call 1-855-568-0545 (8am-8pm).

My mother/father is resistant to help, how do I get a CRCM Care Manager in the door?

Every situation is different, we can discuss your particular needs and circumstances before the visit is made. We are very familiar with older adults who are resistant to accepting help or even acknowledging that they need any assistance. We have many successful strategies that have worked well with clients over the years, and together we can devise the strategy that will work best for your family.

Does Medicare or insurance cover your services?

Care Management services are not covered by Medicare or regular health insurance. Some services may be covered under a long-term care insurance policy. We advise you to contact your insurance company to determine the benefit under your policy. Additionally, care management services may be tax deductible, and we encourage you to contact your tax professional to discuss.

Do you come into the home (parent’s home) or do we meet in your office?

The vast majority of the time we see people in the older adult/disabled person’s home as it is very valuable to see people in their daily environment. However, sometimes a meeting in our office, with or without the older adult, makes the most sense – either a preliminary consultation or due to travel needs or other unique circumstances. We are very flexible and will try hard to accommodate your needs as much as possible.

What are your hours? Do you see people in the evenings? Weekends?

Our office is open Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm. We are available on call 24/7 for our ongoing clients. We can do assessments and consultations in the evening and/or on the weekend, by request.

I’m not sure if I my loved one needs Care Management. Can we just talk over the phone?

Yes, absolutely. Together, we’ll discover if our services are right for your specific situation. If you feel we can be of service, we’ll schedule a time for an assessment and go from there.

I’m looking for an Assisted Living community for my mother. Can’t I just go on the internet or use a placement firm?

Although the internet offers a lot of information, our recommendations are based on our extensive knowledge of and experience in the local community. We know the communities’ strengths and weaknesses and our recommendations are based on past performance and outcomes. Unlike placement firms, we do not take referral fees and are only focused on what is best for your loved one.

Will the Care Manager who does the assessment also be the one we work with if we decide to engage you for ongoing care management?

The Care Manager who does the initial assessment or consultation may or may not be the professional assigned to the client if/when ongoing services are requested. Care managers are assigned to clients based on numerous factors including matching the specific needs of the client with the right care manager’s skill set as well as location and capacity.

Can you help in applying for Medicaid, Medicare D, SSI and SSD?

We can assist in identifying and applying for the various entitlement programs that you or your loved one is eligible for. We can guide you as to what documentation is needed, best strategies for success etc. When a complicated Medicaid/financial scenario is involved, we will either consult on your behalf with one of the elder law attorneys we work with or refer you to them directly for legal advice.